Monday, April 09, 2007

Taper time

Oh back in the familiar cycle of training, tapering and racing. I am so grateful for it because during the taper there is that brief time where I feel as if I can breathe. It is as if there is an open window to the link between the universe and myself. Emotions are high, anticipation is on edge and the nerves are fresh. Yep, this is the time when I seem to get sentimental and I love it. It is the time when I feel more than I feel at any other time except during the race. It is the time when I feel connected to everything and everyone and I am most introspective. It is as if I have a bit of extra space to take a look around and make sense out of what and why I do what I do or perhaps it is the other way around and I do what I do so that I can take this extra space. Either way, it is a time when I have just a bit of extra time to think.

I have been struck lately by the generosity of others. Not generosity in the usual way of giving things or even time but, generosity in the sense of sharing one’s life with others and even strangers. We live in a time of glass houses. There is reality television and the Internet, which are all avenues into voyeurism. There are opportunities to see the nastiness of humanity exploited. During this time, however, I have seen some amazing acts of heroism. I saw a family face the loss of an infant tonight and chose to share their grief and healing with the world. I was struck by what faith and hope it gave me and could/would give others. I have seen dreams followed with a song of an inspiring idol and inspiration in the unchartered waters of a dance step. Oh sure, there are plenty of staged scenes and sharp corners. It is just what does one need to get at the moment that shines through.

I have listened to an interview of a champion. I was moved to tears by the generosity of this athlete. While some chose to stay until they can no longer go and then leave without so much as a “Godspeed”, he came back to chart the course. Peter Reid raises the bar of Champions so high that few will have the courage to attempt to reach it. With the same grace and humility he competed with; he reaches down from the top of the mountain to help other to the peak. He did so without cameras or fan fare. He handed out cups of water and encouragement in the place where he could help the most. Few even knew it was a world champion sending them on their way to realize their dream. I honor him.

That is what I want to be. That is who I want to be. I am grateful for the chance to have yet another extraordinary example of humanity. I am thankful that the mind will quit before the body, but that the soul will out last them both. I am thrilled to have my soul tickled in the way that only a slight rest from hard work can do. Now I am off the race so that my soul can soar.


Benson said...

So nice to read this post. you write really well and convey your "inner being's" thoughts well also. thanks for hinting to me what taper time will be like when i get there (june). not to sound trite but...Good luck and Godspeed. i really mean that.

dawnelder said...

Oh you are so kind. What are you tapering for? That is the best time to trust that you have done the hard work. Crazy part is always sleep a lot during taper time.