Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dotting the “I’s” and Crossing the “T’s”

I love that the sport of triathlon holds up a mirror to who I am and have become as a human.  I remember being in college (not that long ago) and as an English major with a minor in “having a good time”, I got pretty good at finding some short cuts.  I am not proud to report that a friend once commented that I actually got my degree in Cliff Notes. At the time “good enough” was just that – good enough.  In fact, I got really good at “good enough” in most areas of my life.  The problem with that is “good enough” was all I got.  Deep down inside of me, I knew that there was much more to me and to life than “good enough”. I have to give credit to running to making me realize that there is a vast difference between “good enough” and acceptable.  That place in me that would not accept minimal standards and would not be satisfied with just finishing. It cried out that there are bigger standards to set my sights on.  The journey to crossing my “I’s” and dotting my “T’s” started then. As I got into the sport of triathlon and more specifically Ironman the desire to be more than “good enough” came through in my training.  See somewhere I realized that a marathon isn’t 26 miles but it is 26.2. Now 26 might be “good enough” but it is often in that .2 that the game can change and that is where the fun is.  Ironman is 112 miles on the bike. 100 might be significant but I won’t be an Ironman at 100 miles. Those last 2 miles are very important.  When I decided to invest in a coach, I realized that my coach was investing in me and my dreams or goals.  When the plan called for a 4 hour ride or an extra set after Masters, it wasn’t a Suggestion but a requirement.  Of course, if I still subscribed to the “good enough” plan, then maybe I would skip that last 30 minutes of the ride or that last set.  “Good Enough” doesn’t get to Boston or Kona.  Funny thing is that I am certain that most successful people don’t subscribe to “good enough”. Can you imagine Donald Trump or Oprah saying “that’s good enough” to anything?  I am pretty sure that the movers and shakers in the world are certain that all the “I’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed for what ever the plan is for that day.  Today I have decided that I am worth more than “good enough” and I am better than that.  My coaches deserve more than that. So sometimes that means passing the house at the end of a run when I want to stop but still have 5 minutes left or doing another loop on the bike.  I have learned that sometimes that is where the miracle might happen.  That is where my brain learns to pass the finish line to go out for that extra loop so that Mike Reilly can declare me an Ironman.  I am thankful that I have that benchmark in my life to know that I have moved on from the old belief system of my youth.  That is where I can pat myself on the back for not giving up on Me.  I have decided that I am worth much more than “good enough”, my coaches deserve more than “good enough” from me and hopefully my kids learn that they too are worth more than "good enough" after all I have an example to set.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

First day of Last year in the W40-44 age group!

Birthday Report!!
12 years ago when Jesse and I were just dating, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I was training for my 2nd degree black belt at the time and I told him I wanted to do a workout until I could go any more (mind you he was my instructor :) ).  After 2 hours he gave me the medicine ball and told me to run around the building 10 times.  That is how I roll.

Morning run 1:30 descend effort by 30 min intervals

Well three friends showed up to run with me.  It is already 83 degrees and very humid but we are going to Kona so this is good.  As we head out with these kids I realize we are not going easy in fact going at the pace I was thinking I would finish at.  I kept trying to slow down, but I realized I just wasn't very much. (need to work on that) Hit the 45 min mark and time to turn around. I know I am pretty maxed out already as I was getting the "wiggly" feeling in the legs.  Took 2 breaks to get breathing under control.  On the last 30 min, friend Chris said stop looking at your Garmin every 30 sec. I took it off and gave it to him.  Had to concentrate on moving feet faster. Legs really started to rebel.  When I down loaded the elevation it is a steady climb ALL the way back. Not much, only about 200 feet, but it is all the way back. For the first time ever I could wring out a lot of sweat out of my cute lulu skirt. I mean like I had wet myself or ran through a sprinkler. I have never done that before!! Kinda cool.  
Total Smashfest and loved it!!

Nutrition: entire camelback and 2 gu's

Came home, ate and crawled in bed to try to go back to sleep. I was just too excited about the swim so never really dozed off.  Before I knew it , 11:30 was here and time to go.  I had sent out an email to see if anyone cared to join me.  Sent it to 10 people thinking I'd get 2 - I got 8!  Begged the Jewish community center to let all the non members in for my birthday party and made lots of bands for everyone.  Recruited the best hubster ever to come out and count laps. Problem is he isn't a swimmer so took a bit to explain that 2 laps equals a 100 and we would be doing lots of them.  
Time to do 100x100!!

Got everyone in the water with some doing 75's and most of us doing 100's.  

Before the Chaos - It looks so calm

I have amazing training friends.

The warm up of 15x100 is over.. Next it was 15x100 band only! Yes no legs allowed for this one.  I have been swimming with band only for awhile but this was new for some J.  Felt strong.  5x10 choice was to follow. For the "choice" , I chose to do Fly/Free. Jess took a video - I need to use the band when doing fly!

Then came the 30x100 on 1:40! I was a bit freaked out about this but this is what I showed up for right?!.  Well by the 20th one I hit that place where the space between the mind and the body gets very narrow. I was willing the turnover of the arms.  By 20 we/I were hitting 1:45's. Pleased to report that that is the extent of the damage.  I did realize that we started off with 5 in our lane and ended with 3 Just me an Apryl and Alyssa.   Thanks to Apryl for leading the lane and being my rabbit. 

I was very happy to get to the pbb's!  (that is buoy, paddles and band) Also realized that our big group taking 3 lanes was now down to 3 swimmers total and in 2 lanes. 2 were doing the kick set and 3 of us were doing the pulls. By the end of the pull set we were down to 2 still in the pool.  Time for the 6x100 of sprint/easy.  Jeff hung in there for most of this with me. Everyone else was done but a few were there to cheer. I felt bad because it must have been like watching golf because the easy were really easy! At some point Jeff was done as this was the longest he’d ever gone (as was for most there)
Kudos for Jeff for getting back in to do the final kick set. Yes to my Masters buddies I actually did a kick set with the kick board. Coach is in brazil to avoid my whinning JI

These were my cheerleaders for the end.  

So All in all I think it was good.  Loved it actually.  Tonight we are going to the Brazillian Steakhouse for dinner in honor of my birthday and Coach’s race!  Where else can I eat a $30.00 salad? It is actually the best with asparagus the size of my forearms!  The teenagers love the meat and we get plantains for dessert!

A very special thank you to my Coach - Hillary Biscay! I remember reading about her birthday swims before she was my coach and wondering if I would ever get to do one and now I have!! Thanks for everything my amazing friends Chris, Apryl, Orlando, Carlos, Herb, Alyssa, Jeff, Kris, Lorena, Alan and my wonderful husband Jesse. Thanks to GU Energy for providing lots of nutrition for this. First Birthday swim in the books and cant wait to see how well I do in my 10k postal swim next Sunday!