Friday, December 07, 2012

Couch Time

So what happens when you burn the candle at both ends (rehab, training, make up for lost mom/wife time, off season fun)? Well I end up sick on the couch.  Not the make you unconscious sick, but the you are awake and feel every cell in your body ache kind of sick.  It happens and when it does it is a great time to do something that most of us wont do - chill out. 

Unlike an injury that tends to mess with my head, illness is just inconvenient.  I know it wont last long, especially if I take heed and shut things down early.  The kids still need forms filled out, rides to or from school or sports, dinner still needs to get to the table somehow, dogs still need to be looked after, projects still have deadlines and life still goes on.  So now is a great time to look at what is really important that I can do and not tax the body too much. 

This is the perfect time to practice that which we need in races and so often forget to practice, "roll with the punches". So what can I do?  I can catch up on blogs and some educational stuff that I usually fall asleep in the first paragraph when I am training.  It is a great time to get a bit ahead on holiday shopping that I usually save until the last minute.  It is a perfect opportunity to watch that chick flick in the middle of the day when no one is around (found a great documentary called Bigger than Elvis about a former Elvis co-star gone to be a nun).  Guilt free napping is a benefit as well. 

I have learned over the years that the body has a way of getting what it wants.  As an athlete, picking up subtle cues from the body is tricky (we let our mind get in the way too often).  I have also learned that if I don't wait for the proverbial 2"4 to hit me over the head, that the couch time is minimal.  While I don't love being sick, I can make the most of the time and still be an athlete.  No worries - I will be back at it with some good rest and all new ideas in no time.