Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where Am I Going?

It is one thing to set a goal, it is another thing entirely to own it. I have learned in the process of Ironman that there is always an opportunity to have a life lesson experienced during racing or training. Paying attention is paramount is making the experience be more than just endless miles and suffering. As the training intensifies so does the resolve and pain.

I was running 18 miles today following a very hard 90 mile ride yesterdays. The legs, while showing up to do the job, were complaining the entire time. As fatigue set in, form took more of an effort. I noticed that when I let my form go, I started to look just about 3 feet in front of me. Head was down and the shoulders were slumped and the pace slowed. I did realize that when my head was up, eyes focused on the horizon and shoulders back, I ran faster. I became aware that this is such a perfect metaphor for life.

So often we tend to only focus with where we are at any given time. When we do that we become victim to only our circumstances. We also tend to miss opportunities coming up or obstacles that could be avoided. Getting bogged down by life is much easier when all we see is right where we are.

Keeping our eyes on the horizon makes all the difference. We can take advantage of opportunities. We can avoid pitfalls because we see them coming. We know where we are going. The pace of life quickens and suddenly life seems manageable.

There will always be hurdles to deal with in life. There will always be short cuts and chances to skip out on the hard stuff. It is in the hard stuff though that makes us strong. It is in the hard stuff that we find out who we are. It is in the hard stuff that resolve is solidified. It is in the hard stuff that dreams can come true! Here is keeping an eye on the horizon and taking life by the hand!