Saturday, November 25, 2006

Oh my - physical therapy

So I go into physical therapy like some sort of bad ass. I mean come on, I am an Ironman. In comes this giant, bald, very serious man and says to me do this and that. Hmm apparently I don't even stand up right. He also tells me that I have taught my body to do a lot of things the wrong way out of compensation for my back. Now this is the man that has gotten professional basketball players back on the court, so he knows a thing or 2. So I am learning how to stand, walk, sit up and move all over again. I was very sad at first. It just seemed like my days of Ironman were so far off. Now I remember, I did this so that I could come back stronger. I would much rather take a little extra time off and come back with all new Personal Records than come back with the same ole story. This is a life lesson that is not fun. There are days when I throw major tempertantrums. But each day, I settle in to baby steps. Each day I realize that this is not that different that Ironman. While we look at swim splits, bike splits and run splits; it is easy to forget that each of those splits starts with one stroke, turn of the peddle and step. So this is my recovery split.

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