Tuesday, October 10, 2006



I was thinking about risk. The risk of losing, the risk of surgery, the risk of racing, the risk of winning, the risk of resting and just risk in general. I am convinced that most people don’t like the thought of risk. For most and for me sometimes risk really means something bad and scary. I am looking at a bit of risk at the moment. It is such a different type of risk that that I have faced in the past. For some reason, it is so easy to forget the rewards of facing risk and only remember the fear. In all the times I have faced my fears and taken the risk, I have learned so much about myself. When I faced the entry form of Ironman, there was tremendous risk involved. When I first put on my sparring gear, there was tremendous risk involved. When I decided to have children, there was tremendous risk involved. When I entered into each relationship there is tremendous risk involved.

I remember the risk; the fear of loss, the fear of failure. I remember the fear of not being able to finish. I remember the fear that I would be hurt. I remember the fear that I would be a horrible mother. I remember the fear of giving my heart and soul and losing them.

Yet, each time I have looked risk square in the face, shaking in my shoes; I have experienced great rewards. I have faced fear of loss and found love, I faced fear of failure and realized some success. I faced fear of motherhood and found a hug from little arms, I faced the fear of commitment and found strength. I faced the fear of the starting gun and found the finish line.

The interesting thing about the relationship of risk and reward is it pays interest. Each time I stood up to risk, the rewards allow me to face more risk, to dream bigger and expect more. Each time the dream is bigger, more is realized of who I am and who I will become. The more I become the more risk I am able to face. And the cycle goes on.

There will always be risks in life. There will always be the question of “what if”? There will always be the chance to play it safe and be conservative. There will always be the opportunity to miss out on meeting myself at the core and realizing that there is an amazing woman there. So for today, I chose risk. I chose to see beyond the speed bumps and dream big. I see that there is more to me than meets the eye. I see that I can step out there, lead with the chin, stand on the edge of reason and take all that comes at me and succeed. In that, I will be prepared for the next chance to stand in the spot and see more of me. Bring it on!


Rhino Tri-Pirate said...

Good for you. Risk is a part of life (in some cases an essential part). Your willingness to accept this and take the steps to control what you can is the essence of moving forward. I've heard many people talk about the concept of risk acceptance and a particular persons risk "acceptance" or "aversion". I'm no expert on this subject, but I've been told I'm somewhat accepting of risk. I don't see it that way. I'm adverse to settling. If you are not striving to be more than what you are currently, then what's the point? I've always admired those who did the extraordinary and contemptuous of those who seek or accept comfort as their standard. I've put myself in situations where fear, inujry and even death were realistic outcomes. Some of those situations led to abject failure. Even so, I wouldn't change one of those decisions, because they make me who I am. I am currently follwing the example of some people I respect (such as yourself) into the Ironman process. I choose to do this because it is so easy to fail and so few can concieve of the accomplishment. We'll see what comes next.

Face your fear and know that you are not alone and you will be triumphant. As you move forward in life, this will be one of the episodes from which you draw strength. Continue to look at the long view and it will serve you through this hurdle and propel you to ultimate success.

"those who fail to risk anything, risk losing everything"


dawnelder said...

Thanks so much Rhino tri-pirate. ARRRRR! The group that was/is going to IM florida calls ourselves tri pirates!! I, unfortunately wont be there as I am having spinal surgery next week. It is so scarey, but in the long run will hopefully fix somethings that are stopping me from training the way I want/ need to in order to get where I want (KON- baby!!). Good luck as you enter the journey. What one are you doing?

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Always great to meet another Dawn. I realy enjoyed reading this piece on Risk. Without risk some of us wouldn't even get out of bed in the morning. But then even staying in bed can be a risk.

I one read "Feel the Fear & Do it anyway!" The point is to evaluate your risks your fears but not to let it stop you from succeeding or reaching for new goals.

Good luck with your surgery and any future risks.

Ironayla said...

Good luck with your surgery!

I think it is great you have getting to Kona as a goal of yours! It is something that has crossed my mind many of times, yet I feel so far away from it, I tend to give up on the idea.

I look forward to following you on your journey there!

Flatman said...

awesome post.