Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crazy or Sane?

Language is a very powerful thing.  I have had the experience of someone telling me something and it gets stuck in my head like a bad country song. The tape plays over and over.  Too often that "something" isn't necessarily positive or uplifting.  Sometimes I even find myself believing it.  In our sport it isn't uncommon to hear "that's crazy" and "that's dangerous" or "that can't be good for you".  I think many of us at some point thrive on doing that which is deemed "crazy" or "dangerous".  Perhaps that is what got us into this in the first place.

However daring it seemed in the beginning, caution must be heeded when buying into these messages.  Lately, I have been aware of other athletes saying things like "that is crazy" about a workout or referring to "us" and not sane.  From our vantage point once we cross over to being an athlete this lifestyle can not be considered "crazy".  It should be considered getting it done.  Nothing positive or uplifting can come from a negative connotation of craziness.  Is it "crazy' to desire above all else to be the best that one can be?  Is sanity in question to reach the highest state of being?  I think not!  We have a lot of examples of real insanity in our world - movie theater shootings and elementary school massacres and young children and athletes being struck down by distracted motorist- that is mother F'ing crazy.  What I do is the exact opposite!

I chose to live this life to the fullest!  I chose to experience everything this vessel that my soul resides in can do.  I plan on reaching the grave on the very last day of warranty in this body completely used up having screamed at the top of my lungs, faced my "crazy" fears and realized that I am the very furthest point from insanity possible.  I am fully aware and in complete control of all of my facilities and running on all cylinders.

Thankfully my coach and those that she coaches continue to raise the bar and set the standard for me of what is possible so that I may have just that experience.  I am grateful for every one of those athletes that share my passion for testing limits so that I can be reminded of what is possible.  I am blessed to be able to train with some of the most passionate and dedicated athletes that challenge me to find the extra gear to either keep up or set an example and never let me take the "easier, softer way".  

So the next time we hear "that's crazy" or have the urge to say it to our selves or to another athlete - lets use our language to affirm each other.  Lets encourage with the best and most possible words we can find.  Lets remember that "we" are the sane ones so that we set the example of what really is
"sane" and "insane".


Tim Perkin said...

This is so unbelievably true and puts into words something I havent been able to describe quite so succinctly!

hillary said...

i usually take being called "crazy" as a compliment but totally agree with your sentiments here....for us it is indeed just taking care of business--the norm. i like the way you think!

dawnelder said...

Thanks Hillary! That would be why you are my coach!

dawnelder said...

Tim - We can practice being sane on Madera Canyon (hopefully with less wind)!