Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Mother's Dream

For a very long time I have been in pursuit of myself. I choose to do this via an event called Ironman. I even set up a "you know you are getting close" goal of qualifying for a much coveted slot in the World Championship. Not that getting there is the end all, but I figured I would have to go through enough trials and tribulations that I would get a better view point. In the process, I hoped that my kids would also glean some kind of inspiration. After all, Mom wasn't bring cupcakes to the classroom and she wasn't sticking around to watch that next soccer practice (although the trainer and bike did make it to several games) or making pancakes on Saturday morning. Instead, she was often gone on a bike ride Saturday mornings and showing up to carpool with wet hair and the swim parka still on. Rather than cool vacations, we went to places like Panama City in November and Tempe Arizona. When everyone was learning to ride a bike, it was out of necessity so that mom could get a run in when there wasn't a babysitter. Still, I hoped it was not all just a self centered marry-go-round and that there would be some vicarious sole forging as mine was forged. Truth be told, I wasn't sure and this often helped me justify being asleep in the pick up line, making the same dinners every week, trainer rides while strep throat watch cartoons instead of cuddling and not looking like the other Moms.

I'm the most blessed Mom because I got the answers to my hopes long before most. Shortly after doing just want I had dreamed about for so long, I get a text from my seventeen year old son. To be fair, we have a very close relationship compared to other mother/son relationships.

This is what that sweet soul had to tell me:
Hey mom. So being thanksgiving, I felt it would be appropriate just to share how thankful I am to have a mother as amazing as you. I am incredibly lucky to be able to call you mom. It is astonishing to me how after years of unsuccessful attempts at Hawaii you had such a drive and passion for the sport and your goal to continue through all of it. And THEN to limit your self to one last try, and achieve it with a broken foot no problem!! Oh and that other goal -showing me literally ANYTHING is possible- ya you kinda achieved that with flying colors as well...  but considering you achieved kona with a broken foot at Arizona... I'm also skeptical that all those unsuccessful attempts prior were just you missin with us.  I mean I get it! Did you HAVE to drag it out!?  just kidding  you definitely proved you point mom! I now know anything is possible as long as I put my mind and heart to it. Mom you are the most amazing person in my life and I love you soooo much. You have stuck with me through it all. Through all the times I disobeyed you, through all my faults, and through all my problems. You truly have been there
every step of the way, guiding me, listening to me, and supporting me- even through all my crazy antics. Mom I would not be the person I am today without you. I am so thankful for you, and again; I love you so much. Thanks for being my mom; and the best mom I could ever have. 
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Yep, A Mother's Dream!

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